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Our Story

From its inception in 2004, January Project® has focused on new and holistic ways to empower individuals in transforming their life story. Through a diverse group of guides, teachers and visionary leaders, January Project® continues to create a safe and dynamic environment for personal growth and positive change.

We work with clients through individual consultations, podcasting, mobile applications, group events and focused virtual and in-person coursework. Our primary modalities are humanistic psychology, intuitive strategy, and life coaching.

Still true today is what we stated on our founding website: “the January Project® name was chosen to symbolize new beginnings, second chances, and a renaissance at every level.” Now, over 15 years later, we’ve reached a global audience and continue to evolve our offerings to meet new and more precise needs.

A Community Grows Up Around the Story of Your Life

Our philosophical framework is deeply rooted in global citizenship and the principle that a community grows up around the story of your life.

Design Your Life To Be Extraordinary!



Humanistic Psychology

Based on the principle that humans, as individuals, are unique beings. Focused on the fullest potential of the individual: love, fulfillment, self-worth, and self-reliance.


Intuitive Strategy

Integrating intuitive understanding with modern alchemy, symbolism and ritual to re-imagine, focus and evolve your life story at lightning speed.


Life Coaching

Worldwide access. Answers the question: “Who am I as a unique individual against the backdrop of the whole of society and what is my relationship to my physical environment?”

A Community of Humankind

Video credits: John Liebler, © Copyright 2006 The President and Fellows of Harvard College.

    “You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” – Rumi

Our body is a living system – a “community of cells” – working together in a web of relationships. Likewise, we as the community of humankind are a living system, a macrocosm of our own individual bodies. 

Explorations of the Rising Global Culture

Experts from the full spectrum of disciplines and professions agree that our world is in the midst of the greatest leap forward in understanding and consciousness in human history. As political, economic, scientific and technological systems evolve, men, women and children are reaching out to one another across the globe, exploring new ideas, new world views, new paradigms. As borders fade between previously separate peoples, places and processes, it is becoming clearer that scientific, medical, and spiritual truths reflect one another.

The human body is a perfect metaphor for the world around us.

Central to the current discussion about creating a sustainable future society are the global challenges looming before us. We are now being called upon as never before to come together to create a new awareness – as the community of humankind. In the midst of these challenges, we are discovering that in fact the human body is a perfect metaphor for the world around us. Both our planet and our human bodies are sustainable living organisms made up of distinct components bound together by a web of intricate and delicate relationships. The diseases that are epidemic today, therefore, carry with them the same patterns as we see in our society as a whole.

The community of humankind is a living system: a macrocosm of our own individual bodies.

As we embrace the future, within ourselves, and within our global community, we can re-ignite the spark of wonder and hope that we seem to have lost along the way. We can implement profound solutions with joy and gratefulness, as different aspects of a single shift in awareness, rather than struggling to find and implement solutions to seemingly separate world problems. The key to this new potential lies in understanding relationships: within ourselves (mind, body, spirit) and among ourselves (language, location, politics, etc).  In the wake of these new realities, new possibilities are emerging – for us, and for future generations. 

From some distant place in our collective unconscious, our children’s children are listening. What are we telling them by what we are doing today?

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